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As a designer, I approach design from four main directions: digital, physical, collaborative, and holistic. This allows me to better absorb the multiple facets of the art and design world. My designs are created through both digital and physical applications. I strongly believe that all designers must never underestimate the importance of tactile understanding and craftsmanship. By developing and harnessing this relationship through the creative process, a stronger design eye will form.

In my collaborative work, I use both physical and digital experimentation to delve into different styles and materials to better comprehend the vast variety of possibilities that collaboration offers. I challenge myself to produce work using a holistic approach that exploits sustainable materials and social design tools that can engage the community.

My holistic work addresses global, national and community issues, pushing for change within the individual. I am particularly interested in creating work that lives in the public and informational realm, creating a meaningful experience for the viewer.